Over the past 12 months – thanks to an overactive marathon schedule – have managed to see almost every relative ever this past year, no matter where in the States they live.  Back in DC this weekend, would get the opportunity to see two cousins I missed in October when marathoning in Baltimore – PLUS lucked out with accommodations (stayed with my Aunt Joyce).  LOVE LOVE family!

Arrived in rain…and it would rain all day Saturday.  Nothing you can do about the weather – just grin & make the best of the situation 🙂 Parked right beside the Washington Monument – score!  Rain was relentless, kept pouring all day (luckily, monsoon weather kept lotta tourists away).  Ultimately, decided to make it a Smithsonian [indoor] day.

Which Smithsonian?  American History Museum of course (my minor in college).  I’m a nerd that way.

Stalked cousin Denise at her workplace (hair salon owner in Leesburg VA), shared dinner with cousin Chuck & family (in Frederick MD), then settled into bed at my Aunt Joyce’s home (in Martinsburg WV).  Yep, 3 states in 4 hours – let’s how I roll.

5 hours shuteye, ran my DC marathon – then hobbled 2 hours around the National Mall, before catching a return flight home to Colorado.  Time challenged to fit in multiple Monuments (on my only sunny DC day), used Dulles [airport] for dinner & a much needed [restroom sink] splash bath.  Not easy livin’ B-I-G with work week constraints (Monday morning’s gonna come around fast).  LOL>


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