“Lizzie Borden took an axe

She gave her mother forty whacks

When she saw what she had done

She gave her father forty-one.”


Cape Cod marathon weekend – time to tick Massachusetts from my state tally.  Late Friday flight to Manchester, 6 hours shut-eye, morning highway to Fall River, Mass – destination: Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum.

Sure I’m marathoning tomorrow, sure it’s an hour away from Falmouth – but who wouldn’t want to stay in an axe murderess’ house overnight?  And not just any room in Lizzie Borden’s home…but the actual room where she whacked step-mom Abby (20 hatchet blows to the head & upper torso).  Gruesome, right?  And not just any time of the time…how ‘bout the week before Halloween?  Yikes!!!

Watched ‘the Legend of Lizzie Borden’, a 1975 movie starring Elizabeth Montgomery, to reacquaint myself with the story.  Next signed up for the 11am morning tour (didn’t realize a special 8pm Borden tour was already included in the room price).  Parlor, dining room…then upstairs to the John Morse Room – the room where Lizzie killed her step-mom.

This would be MY room for the night – same creepy bed, same creepy mirror.  No joke.


It was in this room, on the morning of August 4th 1892, the body of Abby D. Borden was discovered by Bridget Sullivan and the Borden’s neighbor, Mrs. Churchill. With its beautifully carved Eastlake bed and dresser, the room has been meticulously decorated to transport you back to that fateful morning.


John V. Morse

John Vinnicum Morse (1833 – 1912) was born in Fall River, Mass., the son of Anthony and Rhody (Morrison) Morse and younger brother to Sarah, mother of Lizzie and Emma.


John arrived unannounced at 92 Second St on Wednesday, August 3rd, and Abby put him in the second floor guestroom, the same room where her body would be found less than 24 hours later.


A witness at the inquest, preliminary trial and final trial of his niece, he provided testimony of his intimate knowledge of events within the Borden household.


Toured Lizzie & sister Emma’s rooms, their parents’ bedroom, then back downstairs to the study – where Lizzie’s dad took 10 blows to the head while napping.  Yeah, this place emotes spookiness ‘round every corner.  PLUS our guide, a psychic medium by trade, made the story seem even more compelling – ‘cause I think she truly believed what she’d been spouting 🙂

All in now, starting to buy into the craziness.  Quick trip to Oak Grove Cemetery; visited the Borden headstones.  Luckily, before I next consulted a Ouija board, jetted out of town for [marathon] bib pick-up in Falmouth.  LOL>


Back in Fall River.  B&B check-in but couldn’t leave luggage in the room just yet – takes away from the evening tour 🙂  Story must’ve marinated in my head all day – walking room to room to room, found it even creepier at night.  Ended downstairs in the basement – at NIGHT – where an eerie image of Mr. Borden appears etched in a wall above the downstairs chamber pot.

Locked in for the night.  Off to my room – the John Morse Room.  Room is big & drafty.  Stairs creak, floors too.  I can hear EVERY sound, EVERY creak.  My side of the bed is just an arm length from the body.  I hear the wind blow outside.  Next a dog far in the distance, barking – but I’m tuned in.  EVERY noise.  Staring into the mirror, can’t close my eyes.

Out of bed, an hour gone.  Walk the hall to a shared bathroom.  Creak, creak.  Wooden floors.  Much too quiet.  Back in my room, switch sides of the bed but still looking into the mirror.  I need a game plan.

One eye open, watching for an image in the mirror, laying completely still/almost frozen.  I need a plan.  Kept my shoulders above the covers.  Ghosts emit a cold breeze, I think.  Right?  Maybe I’d rush the killer spirit & scare it away?

Tick, tick, tick.  Holding my breath.  Gotta stay quiet, can’t make a sound.


Alarm goes off.  It’s morning.



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