Who doesn’t remember the big 4-0! Marathoning in New Hampshire would be just that – my 40th marathon, 40th state.  Same time last year had just finished #10 in western Nebraska.  Whole lotta marathoning in 2015 – it’s become a 50 State Quest addiction!

Friday afternoon touchdown in Manchester, then jetted an hour north to Bristol for bib pick-up & a quick drive-through of Saturday’s scenic course ‘round Newfound Lake.  Fall foliage in New England – WOW, nothing like it.  LOVE our Colorado Aspens but the intense bursts of orange, reds & yellows in New England, mighty magical.

Dinner with Stephen & his family in Concord – then straight to bed, marathoning in the a.m.

Woke Saturday to grey skies & cool temps – but no rain.  Met up with several Maniacs before race start (pre-race pics) & a new marathoner, Rachel from nearby Mass (congrats! all that training & you’re now a marathoner 🙂 )  Today’s elevation map: rollercoaster-liken, continual barrage of rolling hills but nothing crazy steep – ‘though the pitch at mile 18 came a bit late in the game.

Quick blast thru town, then lakeside sunshine at mile 3.  Large leafy trees canopied overhead – so much colour 🙂  Held pace thru Hebron center, didn’t slow ‘til the turnaround at Sculptured Rocks, mile 14.

Sun disappeared & wind breezed for the run remainder, flip-side of Newfound.

Tagged Houston-based Andy just past mile 25 & journeyed together to the Finish.  Always remember those races where I’ve had friend/family support – thanks Stephen & Sheila!  Pretty special, much appreciated.

Celebrated this day at Bristol House of Pizza – ya’ll know how I love my post-race lasagna – FAAANNNTASTIC!

  • Next Saturday — Hartford CT  (5th consecutive weekend marathoning)


New Hampshire Marathon

#11: K R Haga

Guntime: 4:29:43


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