Lotta strategic planning to complete 50 state marathons in 2 years.  A handful of states (RI DE NM & WV in particular) only offer one or 2 races annually.  2 times lucky – signed up for new ‘inaugural’ runs: Angel Fire NM in July & this weekend, Morgantown WV.

Running 11 consecutive weekends – have also become strategic with flights & travel costs.  In-n-out of Pittsburgh – Southwest incoming, United outgoing.  Met up with fellow Maniac, Stacy & shared car rental, then hotel with another Maniac, Joe from Ohio.

Lotta new friendships in my Quest – LOVE it!

East Coast time change.  Jetted south to Morgantown, stopping at my first Harley dealership just over the WV border (minutes before their 5pm close).  While I’m mountaineering off-season; Stacy’s a biker – and has collected Harley poker chips as far away as Alaska.

Met up with Mike, a Maniac from Austin, at bib pick-up.  Now we were 3 – driving downtown, sharing a brick-oven pizza at Mountain State Brewing & a scenic walk along Morgantown’s Monongahela River before bunking up for the night – another early a.m. marathon.

5am alarm, school bussed to WVU Coliseum, group Maniac pic, National Anthem – tag, we’re off.

Cool morning temps, sunshine, little to no wind – pretty much perfect…and for whatever reason, everything was just clicking today.  Slept well, ate well, enjoyed sharing time with other marathoners – head was in the right place.

Hung with the 3:40 pace group thru mile 14 – actually stayed ahead of these pacers up the largest of today’s hills, mile 7 & 8.

holy Mountain Mama – more hills today than any previous race (not the elevation of Oregon’s Crater Lake but a whole lotta hills).  Small hills, short extreme climbs, mile-long grinders, rolling hills – every mile, every turn, a new hill.

Last year I chose runs on flat courses – this year I eat hills for breakfast 🙂

4 hour pacers caught me at mile 24.  Suppose sub-4 would have been insane after throwing 4 ½s all summer.

Mile Marker 25.  Passed by a walker.  Assume I must have been running in place or side-to-side….either way, was not moving fast the mile UP to WVU Coliseum.  15 minutes UGLY – but finished #38 with a smile, just over 4 hours.  FAAANNNTASTIC!


K R HAGA      LOUISVILLE CO       4:14:38.76    9:43/M


Not a lotta tourist time this weekend – but whatta positive experience.  Enjoyed the camaraderie of my marathoner community – sharing laughs & a stinky flight home (airport sink bath & a change of clothes was the best we could do this trip).  LOL>

Next weekend:  Adams County, Ohio – running with the Amish.


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