Having exposed Ash to her first Sharknado two years ago, felt a proud family moment being invited to her home for a cookout & the premiere of Sharknado 3 (know what you’re thinking, where does the time go 🙂 )

Fans don’t watch for the sharks.  Campy story lines & corny dialogue – that’s why we LOVE these films!  Sooo campy & far-fetched, guessing absolutely nothing is considered a “bad idea” when crafting scripts.


This year’s sequel follows Fin (Ian Ziering) & April (Tara Reid) from:

  • Los Angeles (Sharknado 1) – when they were ex’s, Fin (& later his son) dated Nova, who dropped homemade bombs into Sharknados, fell out of the helicopter & later miraculously rescued from the belly of a shark via chainsaw
  • to New York (Sharknado 2) – where Sharknados mixed with East Coast cold, produced summer snow & sharks in Jets Stadium & April lost her hand to a shark (attacked while on an airplane, held on with the other hand ‘til the plane landed)
  • to DC, Orlando & Outer Space (Sharknado 3)


Sharknado 3 recap provided at link below:


In the final scene, April — who now has a chainsaw hand — manages to deliver her own baby inside a shark while falling from space.  The couple names it after Fin’s dad [David Hasselhoff], who sacrificed his own return to Earth for the cause.


No worries if you missed last night’s thriller – this series isn’t ending anytime soon.

Sharknado 4 is slated for July 2016.  Mark your calendar! 🙂



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