What started with tree trimming & a long-term goal to add ‘colour’ to my home, culminated into 6 weeks of change.  Comingle that with Ash & Tom’s move & my sister’s visit in early July – and we’re talking one solid month of crazy 🙂

All said & done, HUGE thanks to my family for giving me a much needed nudge – and to my friend Cliff for tutoring me on room design, interior paint, thrift store finds, art walk shopping, proper picture hanging (tape measure usage vs eyeing a good spot on a wall), wood blind samples & catalogues, AND front porch green-thumbing.  THANKS!

  • Front Porch: scaled back & pruned my spruce; added wind chimes, holly bushes & “Cody Coyote” (in addition to this year’s annuals planting); fixed outdoor outlet (Christmas light need)
  • Downstairs: 2 shades of green; removed dining area (electrician extracted light fixture, transplanted table near the front window); cable & cable box no more; purchased my first sectional; brought bar stools up from the basement; picture swaps throughout the house; new ceiling fan – AND wood blinds (now that’s a process, who knew?)
  • Office/now Gym: shade of sunshine on the walls; donated everything ‘office’ to Ash & Tom; moved everything ‘gym’ upstairs; electrician added an outlet & transplanted downstairs ceiling fan; installed my first SmartTV; an antique cabinet hides home modem & wireless router – AND moved marathon medal display (34 states complete; on track to finish 46 by year-end)

LOVE LOVE my ‘new’ Colorado home!

(No upstairs painting ‘til Winter/Spring 2016 – mental respite required.  Home Projects are a true labour of love — LOL>)


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