Happy July 4th – Happy Birthday USA!

Woke early to chilly temps – not the summer norm for July but today’s 26.2 adventure started at 8800ft 🙂

Less than 100 runners lined up for the inaugural Angel Fire Adventure (full & half #s combined).

National Anthem, 3 wheelchair participants upfront – then we started running.  No gun, no announcement, just running.  9 miles flat or downhill, surrounded by high peaks, alpine flowers & sage.  Hard to imagine a prettier marathon start – breathtaking.

Outkicked by a runner near mile 13.  I continued up the highway, he turned & finished the Half.

The number of runners now thinned considerably.  Constant climb, miles 14 thru 18.  Ran with two runners thru 18 – one picked up pace, one slipped behind – then I was on my own.  18 then 19, still climbing – zapped all energy.

Heat kicked up, became aware of sun blazing my neck & arms.  Felt like a soft white marshmallow toasting in raging campfire.  Car traffic increased along the highway; not sure the town was aware of this year’s inaugural event.  Kept on the shoulder, no worries, but felt more isolated than I have in any previous race.  Walked/jogged most of mile 23, then IT happened.


Older lady (70’s 80’s) pulled her truck directly in front of me on the highway shoulder.  Heat delirious, lifted my head, looked her way.

“Have you been in any accident?  Can I drive you into town?”  (super nice I agree but…)

“I’m in a race.”  Pointed to my race bib.  All the time thinking: maybe I could hitch a ride to mile 25 & limp in from there.  I wasn’t gonna win so who cares, right?  Thankfully oxygen returned to my brain & I waved her away.  How bad did I look?  LOL>  

My most embarrassing marathon moment.


Eventually I would finish – under 5 hours, but just barely.  (Only a handful of finishers — heat & altitude bested most.)  Grabbed an ice compress from the volunteer nurse; DJ still randomly pumping club music into the sparse high-altitude sky.  Weird but true.

OVERALL PLACE     OFFICIAL TIME      BIB #    NAME             CITY                STATE

13                           4:58:35                  104      K R HAGA      Louisville        CO

34th marathon Finish – post race celebration?

8am zip lining reservation (next day) with my friend Cliff.  Had never previously zip lined.  First pass was a head trip but after that – no worries.  Super fun.  Heck less scarier than skydiving, that’s for sure.  HA!

Love New Mexico, love 3-day holiday weekends.  Next up?  Sis & family’s first Colorado vacation.  When?  12 hours ago.  Yikes!



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