WaMu Theatre, great air-conditioned place to recover after marathon finish 32.  Jurassic World, while not as good as the original – most sequels aren’t – still worth seeing for the special effects.  Can never go wrong with dinosaurs 🙂

Already been a FULL marathon day – literally.  Ran 26.2 miles, ate lunch, watched a sell-out movie – sadly, no shower.  Bathroom flash bath as good as it’s gonna get this day.  Space Needle.  Can’t visit Seattle without riding up the Needle, right?  Tickets weren’t good for 2 more hours – next up: Chihuly Garden…Ash’s idea.

Never imagined a botanical garden walk would have made the list after marathoning.  Day highlight.  Would have missed out on an AMAZING experience.  Glass artwork juxtaposed within a botanical setting – SPECTACULAR.  So unique, absolutely nothing like it.

Toured indoors, outdoors.  Leg weary, watched short films ‘bout Dale Chihuly’s installations in Jerusalem & Finland – before realizing time had quickly expired…almost missed our Space Needle queue.  Yikes!

Space Needle Observation Deck – great views of Seattle, something you’re supposed to do.  Chihuly Garden & Glasssomething you HAVE to do when visiting Seattle.  Seriously recommended.

Whatta day – shower & bed couldn’t have come any sooner.

Tomorrow, another early vacation start – trip highlight: seaplane to San Juan Island, breakfast in Friday Harbor, followed by an orca (killer whale) adventure…sailing north in Canadian waters.  WOW, WOW, WOW!


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