After a day of hiking & river rafting on the North Platte, woke early Sunday for marathon #31 – my Wyoming state run.

Staying at the host hotel, meant all was needed was running shorts & my Newtons – short walk downstairs, Casper Marathon actually starts & finishes from the Ramada Riverside parking lot.

What to wear?  Light rain, cool start, 40% chance of showers.  I’ve run my share in the rain this year – bring it on!  Local cannon send-off & 6 miles of road before hitting cement trail.  Rain lifted early – greeted soon after with sunshine & warm air.

Ran steady thru the golf course, 4 miles of turns & increasing heat (no trees).  From mile 14 (thru 24), shared the path with runners lapping ahead.  Mentally tough watching folks run AT you (5 miles further on their journey)…lotta relay runners.

Mile 17: Fort Caspar – struggled with form, my breathing labored.  Altitude?  Walked mile 18 & the set of hills in Paradise Valley.

Park benched in Morad Park, seemingly nothing left.  My friend Cliff waited at mile 21 – and we walked.  Stopped to steady myself (heat dizzy).  Puked ‘til nothing but dry heaves – and we walked.

Worst marathon finish to date – it’s a marathon, not a walkathon – felt broken.  Only 186 finished, I placed 152.


K R HAGA (Bib 69)





In 6 days I’m running Rock N Roll Seattle – tough to pick oneself up after a complete fail 🙁   Gonna get some sleep, clear my head & start over in the morning.  This too shall pass.

It’s not how we fall, but rather, how we pick ourselves back up that counts.  Stand up, plant your feet and make a statement.



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