Can’t expect to run 6 straight weekends without eventually having a work conflict.  Threw a few bucks at the Race Director & had my race bib mailed (most marathons require bib pick-up in person day before the event).  Worked Friday, boarded a late flight to Chicago, picked up my rental just before midnight (closing time).  Hour drive to Wisconsin – then like a bum, slept at a rest area just outside of Kenosha. Wrapped in Mylar retained from a previous Finish, set an iPhone alarm, locked all doors, UP at 5am.  Changed into race clothes, brushed my teeth – 2 hours later, my 28th marathon start.  Yep, kinda ghetto – but I achieved work/life balance 🙂

Parked downtown & walked half mile to the Start.  Caught the most AMAZING sunrise over Lake Michigan against a double lighthouse background.  Just what I needed – helped remind me why I do this & how incredibly lucky I am.

Miss Kenosha struggled a bit with the Anthem (high notes) but still felt it in my heart.  Go USA!

Shared the course with Halfers thru mile 12 in SUNSHINE.  First race in weeks where I haven’t slogged thru rain.  Coursed miles of road along Kenosha’s Lakefront.  Crazy beautiful.   The Wisconsin Marathon brands themselves as the Cheesiest Marathon – HOWEVER, BIG shout out to their lighthouses & scenic Lake Michigan.  That’s what I’ll brain-log when I go.

First marathon in months without hills.  Unfortunately, suffered a muscle pull in my left calf near mile 11 – first injury in 2 years.  7 weekends, 7 marathons, 7 different states – tough mental challenge (travel fatigued)…now also taking a physical beating.

One mile marker at a time.  Just like tennis – gotta focus on the point being played, don’t look too far ahead/to the next game.  Shifted weight to my right side, kept an even steady stride – didn’t speed up, didn’t slow down.

Stopped at mile 25, stretched.  Teared up re-starting the machine.  Mile 26, only two-tenths to go.  Dropped my ear buds & let the crowd bring me home.  I RAN & RAN hard.  Could hear folks cheer as I sprinted – sprinted – thru the Finish Line.

Laid lazy in the grass, caught some sun & ate a post-race brat (better than any banana, hands-down).

Shower, lasagna (it’s tradition) – then off to Mars’ Cheese Castle for Wisconsin cheese curds.  Purchased 2 bags, jalapeño & horseradish.  [Ya’ll know I like my foods spicy.]  Unfortunately, had to cancel all other stops, pop Advil & prop the leg.

Early to bed, early to rise – will be good to get home.  Home, sweet Colorado home.


Place   Bib       Athlete Name                                   Finish Time

423      290      K R HAGA   LOUISVILLE CO            4:34:06


Greetings from Home!


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