Having completed 27 races, now follow a fairly consistent post-marathon pattern – shower, lasagna, rest.

Threw ‘tradition’ out the window after finishing this morning’s Kentucky Derby Marathon.  Sure I showered.  Yes, devoured a plate of “go-to” lasagna.  But kick around slowly & lick my wounds?  No way; no time today.

Invited Connecticut BFF Dawn to Kentucky – #1 she’s my BFF; #2 this gal eats/breathes/sleeps equine.  Not only owns & shows quarter horses but versed in a multitude of horse disciplines & events – I tell ya, she’s a HUGE fan of the mighty equine.  No one else I’d rather share space in Kentucky Horse Country – I’m better for knowing Dawn.

Hour half drive to Lexington; tonite’s destination: the Kentucky Reining Cup Freestyle World Championship.

…the Kentucky Reining Cup Freestyle World Championship is the largest, most prestigious and most important Freestyle competition in the sport of Reining and crowns the annual World Champion in this, the more artistic side of an otherwise technical sport.


Free from the restraints of a prescribed pattern, Reining competitors must only achieve required maneuvers in their own freely choreographed program, complete with special effect lighting and costumes.

Think the redneck in me still prefers rodeo, but whatta show.  SPECTACULAR!

Woke Sunday & picked up where I left off – with the ponies.  Arrived early at Churchill Downs (home to the Kentucky Derby) & watched horses exercising on the traditional dirt track.  Yeah, pretty much perfect.  Derby Museum, Walking tour, Barn & Backside tour – & only 6 days before the next Derby running.  A true WOW day!

Lunch at the Cardinal Café, 2 hours at the Muhammad Ali Museum (boxing icon & native of Louisville), then finished at Sunergos (met FB marathoner Heidi), before trekking north to Indianapolis for my flight HOME to Colorado.

Sooo much to see & do in Louisville.  That said, if you wanna see Kentucky, you gotta see the ponies.  FAAAANNNTASTIC!


Kentucky Reining Cup


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