Look what just came in the mail – my Little Rock Marathon medal. It’s HUGE & I LOVE it!

Little Rock Marathon


Leslie   Wow is right

Stacy   I’ve reminded Daniel we’ve got to make sure we put the medal rack on good studs – that one alone will pull down the wall!

Collette   Yay!!! Very cool!

Anish   this is a hoarding…

Arun   That’s cool

Beth   Very nice and different! I like it!

Toni   Why did they have to mail it to you? Was it to big to carry on? Lol!

Shelly N Jason   Right ! That thing weighs a ton

Tara   That’s AWESOME!

Brett  Also, nice shirt! SKOL Vikings!

Michael   Why are you getting a finisher medal in the mail, did they run out?

Jana   The LR medals got caught up in the dock workers strike on the CA coast, so they weren’t delivered by race day! Poor race organizers had to mail these huge, heavy things out to all of us!!

Rose   I like!!! That would definitely pull my metals rack off the wall!

Tiki   I love it! I’m running this race next year for the bling! Lol


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2 Responses to LR Pirate booty

  • Donna says:

    Hi Keenan,

    How great you are doing!!!!! Keep it up. I admire your energy and spunk! I do have a question for you. Are you due for a hair cut with warm weather on the way? By the way, congratulations on the snow for Mothers Day. You can keep it! It was a beautiful warm and sunny day here, and I did appreciate that. Are you due to come east at all this summer????

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