12:50am flight departure to Philly – another crazy early start to save a buck.  Snagged 3 hours of sleep, picked up my rental, then hung for an hour waiting on my friend Stephen to arrive from New Hampshire.

Spring is the season of weather extremes.  Upper 70’s in Denver, 33 degrees this morning in Philadelphia.  Forecast for tomorrow’s Ocean Drive Marathon – wind, temps hovering just below freezing (27-32°) & sunshine.  Yep, all the elements for a new PR – LOL>

Philly Airport to Atlantic City Expressway to NJ’s Garden State Parkway – 2 ½ hours later, scenic Cape May, New Jersey.  GORGEOUS…so THIS is why folks crowd the Jersey Shore.  Bib pick-up in Wildwood, hotel check-in, then google-searched for lunch.  Most businesses are seasonal on the Shore, many not opening ’til mid-April or May.

Cold temps & snow squalls meant no long walks along the ocean – but didn’t deter today’s pre-race destination: Cape May Lighthouse.

Cape May, Portland & Cape Hatteras (NC) are represented on most every ‘lighthouse’ calendar.  So for me – being a HUGE fan [of lighthouses] – today’s experience was a “must see”.  AND for a few bucks, Cape May allows you to actually climb its lighthouse.  Crazy cold & windy at top – but well worth the trek UP its spiraling flight of stairs.

White caps, sand, sea gulls – and frigid cold temps – practically, paradise.  Nothing slowing this runner tomorrow 🙂


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