Friday 4:30am, crazy long lines thru airport security.  Spring Break in Colorado, who knew?  Uneventful flight to Atlanta, rental car pick-up, lotta traffic – 2 hours later, Alabama, my next marathon destination.

Bib pick-up downtown at Riverwalk Stadium – home of the Montgomery Biscuits, the capital city’s Minor League baseball team.

Overcast rainy day – next stop, Selma.  During the hour ride from Montgomery, listened to local radio discussing the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri.  Sadly 50 years later, nothing’s really changed in rural South Alabama.

Literally driving to Selma to visit Civil Rights memorials, listening to callers discussing why black people in Ferguson were at fault for being outside after being told by white police officers to stay indoors.  Seriously?  Felt like I was being punked.

93.1 Alabama Radio Clip

Crossed historic Edmund Pettus Bridge & parked at the Selma Interpretive Center.  Watched old black-n-white clips of white police first using tear gas, then whipping black people for congregating outdoors.  Only allowed to meet inside churches & homes in 1965 – never outside in groups, that was their crime.

Watched film footage of “Bloody Sunday”, of human abuses endured.  Absolutely unbelievable these crimes occurred in the United States. Experience akin to visiting the Holocaust Museum in DC or Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.  Powerful & shocking; emotionally moving.

Yes, we commemorate MLK once a year – but a majority of us treat the day as a fake holiday.  Because we don’t understand.

MEDIA: Postpone the ‘Dream’ speech & air ‘DISGUST’ next January.  Educate our future so we don’t forget the past.

If ever in Alabama, visit Selma.  Walk the route from Brown Chapel, thru downtown Selma over Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Visit Lowndes Interpretive Center.  You’ll leave forever changed.




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