When you tell folks you’re flying to Little Rock, Arkansas, everyone thinks of the Clintons – no worries, I wouldn’t disappoint this trip.

Arrived in Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport, greeted by family – mom, brother, sister-in-law & niece – who travelled to Little Rock to support me at marathon #21 of my 50 State Quest.  Best family ever!

Another unexpected cold snap in the deep South (Mississippi, South Carolina, now Arkansas) – perfect!  Grey overcast skies (snow yesterday) – luckily had indoor activities planned in Arkansas’ capital city.

Bib pick-up, check.  Next stop, lunch – Maddie’s Place, a Creole restaurant 2 doors down from the Cross-Eyed Pig 🙂  Food did not disappoint.  Where else can one fill their pre-race belly with fried green tomatoes?  YUM!

Googled top 10 things to do in Little Rock.  All paths led to the Clinton Presidential Library.  Library, seriously?  These days I skim-read news headlines; haven’t actively read books since earning a MBA 10 years ago.

Luckily no Dewey Decimal system or card catalogue on today’s tour.  Witnessed everything Clinton in these halls – thru film, photos & White House memorabilia.  Clinton was a likeable President, super charismatic.

Completed our afternoon at the Old State House.  This historical corridor-riddled building told Arkansas’ past, of its governors, its first ladies & of course Bill Clinton, first elected Governor at age 32.

President-Elect Clinton greeted the American public from this spot when elected in 1992.  Lotta history here.

Ended the day with flaming queso at MarketPlace Grill.  FANTASTIC day, surrounded by family.  Super pumped, ready to run.  Just wait ‘til tomorrow – a little freezing rain won’t slow me down 🙂


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