I started 2014 with a huge goal – Ironman Boulder.  30-40 hours/week training – lotta time away from friends AND a lotta time away from the mountains (but still managed to bag five 14ers this year 🙂 ).  Quite the life journey.  Looking back – don’t think I’ll attempt another Ironman for a loooooong while.  HUGE time commitment.

Up 4am every weekday swimming laps.  Work, then back to the gym spinning or running the treadmill.  In May, attempted my first Century ride in Santa Fe (finished 80 miles).  In June, my first half-Ironman in Steamboat (time cut after the bike).  Ran a FULL marathon – 26.2 miles – every month of 2014.  SUCCESS!

August 3rd, finished my Ironman swim in under 2 hours.  Crashed during the Ironman cycle.  Haven’t been in water or back on a bike since.  Done, no mas.  (completely burnt out)

Marathoning, however – for whatever reason, stuck.

Not only did I run a marathon a month, but once Autumn hit, I doubled then tripled my goal.  Qualified for/joined 2 running groups – 50 States Marathon Club & Marathon Maniacs – and ended 2014 at 17 states, in a quest to run all 50 by 2016 year-end.

Just kickin’ back in 2015?  Heck no – 26 more marathons & a HUGE life adventure.  Just wait 🙂


In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years – Abraham Lincoln


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