Last marathon of 2014 – in America’s 1st state, Delaware.

Denver to Baltimore, rental [car] pick-up, White Marsh MD where I picked up Stephen travelling for work (awesome timing, huh). Lunch, an hour to Delaware, another hour half to Rehoboth, bib pickup, (must have) crab cakes, then early to bed.

Race in the a.m. – BAM that’s how I roll 🙂

Chilly Saturday start, arrived early on the boardwalk.  Watched the pink surf sunrise – STUNNING.

Woke sluggish – time change related, me thinks.  Have reined in most race variables – diet, when/what/how much…shows you can’t control everything.  Sometimes it is, what it is…just gotta roll with the punches.

Another jumbled race beginning – halfers split off near mile 3 so synched into a rhythm early on.  Beautiful scenic course, fairly flat too.  Wish I had woke more rested, this course had all elements for a PR.  Twice we broke thru state forests for long stretches on trail & wood planked pathways, built above the marshy wetlands below.  Saw ocean waves break hard – the Atlantic seems more violent in December, possibly protesting the end of summer season.

Overcast day but forecasted rain held off for 5 hours.

Notta a huge fan of courses which loop (show us 26 unique miles please) – that said, Delaware’s marshy coastal habitat was eye catching & without a lotta wind.  Can’t control the weather…but appreciative when it rolls my way.

4th marathon in 5 weeks, 16th different state within the past 365 days (earning me a 6th Maniac star), my 17th marathon finish overall & last of 2014.  Looking forward to winter break.  Not running again ’til Mississippi Blues in January – part of ‘Hillbilly Spring’ (Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Florida & Kentucky).  26 new states targeted in 2015.

Tomorrow’s adventure, Assateague Island & Marguerite Henry‘s must-see ponies of Chincoteague.


K R HAGA crossed the Finish

Course time: 04:30:42



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