Up early & in the hotel lobby at 530am.  Met-up with my sis & walked a few blocks over to today’s marathon start.  Crazy cold morning, 20° & windy.  I’ve run in winter before; it’s the dramatic temp dive that made acclimating difficult.

Today’s start near Indiana’s state capitol dome marked my 5th state capitol start (preceded by Baton Rouge, Austin, Atlanta & Des Moines). ALSO first time running with my sister – & Tammy travels with a pack so there were 10+ of us.  Awesome day!

Super crowded start – full and half marathoners lined up together.  Five minutes back from the Start Line, I spent 6 miles weaving in & between runners.  Thankfully half marathoners peeled off after mile 7, where I picked up pace.

3rd straight marathon [purposely] going out fast.  Slow n steady hadn’t been working – found I’m just as tired at mile 19-21 whether pacing steady or racing hard.

Goal was to locate a pace group.  Quickened my clip to 7-minute miles & caught the 3:55 group at mile 8.  Too many bunched together so picked up speed again & caught the 3:45 pace group at mile 12.

Running thru Butler University 17 miles in & still felt strong.  Pleasantly surprised hills at miles 11 & 17 were only slight inclines – Indy was a fairly flat course.  Nice!  Fatigue finally set in at mile 22 – but dang, only 4 miles to go.

SUB-4 started running thru my mind.  Didn’t think this possible ‘til 2015.

Never saw the 3:45 guy but was lapped by 3:55 pacers just after mile 25.  Passed Sailors & Soldiers Monument & kicked hard.

Ice in my veins: SUB-4 AND a PR!


K R HAGA – finish at 3:55:21
— at Downtown Indianapolis #BeMonumental


Finishers’ medal, Mylar wrap & chocolate milk, then secured a spot near the Finish – not just me marathoning this day.  Watched my sister cross 30 minutes later – SPECTACULAR!

Folks, I come from strong stock.  Better than running a marathon?  Marathoning with family – nothing like it.


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