It’s been a busy Fall season – lotta work, lotta marathoning — and a warm one too!  After an early September 11th flurry fest, unfortunately saw no snow in October – zero, nada, zilch.

Autumn has always been my favourite season – foliage colour & cooler temps.  LOVE it!  Always feel like – yes! made it thru another summer 🙂  Autumn = hot apple cider, pumpkins & county fairs.

Having Ash & Tom as housemates meant homemade pumpkin cookies for our fur babies, Ro & Marty, festive outdoor decorations AND a whole lotta Halloween candy for costumed trick-or-treaters while I travelled to Indy.  Fall 2014 = a new car for Ash after her Jeep Liberty was crushed by a deer (5pm, in traffic, in Boulder — shows it can happen to anyone).

Autumn = Football.  I’ve seen more NFL this season than I have in years.  In addition to the weekly office pool, Ash & Tom are part of multiple fantasy football leagues.  It’s crazy, dysfunctional fun — Ash’s rooting for the Bengal’s kicker, a wide receiver from Arizona & Denver’s quarterback.  Whereas last year I watched the Broncos & [New England] Patriots (old habits die hard), this year my house is engaged all week.  Monday night, Thursday night & all day Sunday.  Will be sad to see the season end.

so long summer, FALL has arrived.  #ROOOOOAAAAARRRR


col·li·sion  noun  1.  an instance of one moving object striking violently against another.


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