A week later, Nebraska’s now a part of the past.

Back up in the early a.m., 6 gym days last week, & cut back on complex carbs (bread).  Still struggling with performance (pace is off, 9+ minute/miles) but re-dedicated myself to the process again.

For most endurance runners, it’s generally not physical – it’s a matter of repairing the mental.


Positive energy

Before crashing each evening, been surrounding myself with inspiring videos & upbeat vloggers.  Easy to get tagged/bogged down with everyday negativity – lotta unhappy people out there.  Key is to acknowledge weakness, not to judge (easier to point out shortfalls than to walk in someone else’s shoes) and avoid long time exposure to toxins.

Unhappy folks have to want to be helped.  It’s a tough cycle to break.



I cycle through YouTube vloggers as my mood & interests change.  Backpackers, 14er climbs, sky runners.

Currently following young upbeat individuals from LA, DC, Toronto, Indiana & the UK.  Nothing heady or life-changing here but their upbeat can-do attitudes are a nice 5-minute diversion.  They believe anything is possible – that’s the key, right?






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