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Two weeks between Iowa & Indy marathons, re-focused on nutrition.  I’m marathoning more often but no longer training three disciplines concurrently [Ironman], so no good reason why I can’t pick up my pace.

Started a food journal to better understand intake & track good fuel days.  Adding turkey to salad & eating lamb in race weeks for protein pick-up.  Upping my spinach & kale usage – for increased iron.  Rotisserie chicken makes me feel ick.  Bread & white rice are not food friends.  I feel mentally down the following day, which leads to inconsistent training.

When the body feels blah, best to take a day offWhen the mind feels blah (poor nutrition), it’s a wasted training day (also spills over into work – less productive).

Learning to listen to my body.  Been running consistently without injury since October 2013 – wanna keep that streak alive thru 2016 (50 state marathon goal).


*BIG NEWS*  26 marathons scheduled in 2015 (2 races are lotteries – fingers crossed)

  • 11/01/14 Monumental Marathon IN
  • 11/16/14 Rock N Roll Las Vegas NV
  • 11/23/14 Route 66 Marathon OK
  • 12/06/14 Rehoboth Beach Marathon DE
  • 01/10/15 Mississippi Blues Marathon MS
  • 01/25/15 Miami Marathon FL
  • 02/14/15 Myrtle Beach Marathon SC
  • 02/22/15 Hyannis Marathon MA
  • 03/01/15 Little Rock Marathon AR
  • 03/14/15 Montgomery Marathon AL
  • 03/29/15 Ocean Drive Marathon NJ
  • 04/12/15 Go St Louis Marathon MO
  • 04/18/15 Garmin Oz Marathon KS
  • 04/25/15 Kentucky Derby Festival KY
  • 05/02/15 Wisconsin Marathon WI
  • 05/09/15 Fargo Marathon ND
  • 05/24/15 Vermont City Marathon VT
  • 06/07/15 Casper Marathon WY
  • 06/13/15 Rock N Roll Seattle WA
  • 06/27/15 Charlevoix Marathon MI
  • 07/26/15 San Francisco Marathon CA
  • 09/20/15 Morgantown Marathon WV
  • 09/26/15 Adams County Marathon OH (Amish Marathon)
  • 10/03/15 New Hampshire Marathon NH
  • 10/10/15 Hartford Marathon CT
  • 10/17/15 Baltimore Marathon MD
  • 10/25/15 Marine Corps Marathon VA (Lottery)
  • 11/01/15 New York City Marathon NY (Lottery)
  • 11/22/15 Philadelphia Marathon PA
  • 12/05/15 St. Jude’s Memphis Marathon TN


Gonna be a busy year – Go Big or Go Home.  Would leave only 7 states remaining for 2016.  ALSO, secretly have 2 big international adventures, one in 2015, one in 2016 — good to have dreams, better to make them happen 🙂

Planes, trains & automobiles…off to Indy for marathon #14.

Welcome to Indianapolis!

Welcome to Indianapolis!

It’s been a busy Fall season – lotta work, lotta marathoning — and a warm one too!  After an early September 11th flurry fest, unfortunately saw no snow in October – zero, nada, zilch.

Autumn has always been my favourite season – foliage colour & cooler temps.  LOVE it!  Always feel like – yes! made it thru another summer 🙂  Autumn = hot apple cider, pumpkins & county fairs.

Having Ash & Tom as housemates meant homemade pumpkin cookies for our fur babies, Ro & Marty, festive outdoor decorations AND a whole lotta Halloween candy for costumed trick-or-treaters while I travelled to Indy.  Fall 2014 = a new car for Ash after her Jeep Liberty was crushed by a deer (5pm, in traffic, in Boulder — shows it can happen to anyone).

Autumn = Football.  I’ve seen more NFL this season than I have in years.  In addition to the weekly office pool, Ash & Tom are part of multiple fantasy football leagues.  It’s crazy, dysfunctional fun — Ash’s rooting for the Bengal’s kicker, a wide receiver from Arizona & Denver’s quarterback.  Whereas last year I watched the Broncos & [New England] Patriots (old habits die hard), this year my house is engaged all week.  Monday night, Thursday night & all day Sunday.  Will be sad to see the season end.

so long summer, FALL has arrived.  #ROOOOOAAAAARRRR


col·li·sion  noun  1.  an instance of one moving object striking violently against another.


Sunday morning, marathon morning.

Over the past few months, I’ve met a lotta marathoners.  As a result, my FB newsfeed lights up on the weekends.  Today I’m sharing the day with Rock n Roll Denver runners – crazy, I haven’t yet marathoned in my own home state.  Strategy’s been to bang out an even mix of East Coast/West Coast races – based on ease of travel, cost & time away from work.

Not sure if Colorado will be my 50th, but keeping the possibility open.  ALSO thinking NYC or maybe Hawaii.  Wherever the location – it’s gonna be a party!  50 State Goal – 2016!

Arrived downtown early to secure parking, then slept like a bum in the rental until half past 7.  Des Moines races 10,000+ strong – that’s a lotta runners, one of my largest marathon fields to date.

Long sleeves, gloves, a 2nd t-shirt – all geared up after last weekend’s chill in Rhode Island.  Lesson learned.

Des Moines’ race route would be a mirror opposite of Newport.  Lotta rolling hills over the first 17 miles, then flat to the finish.  I felt strong today – despite marathoning only 8 days ago.

LOVE every marathon start.  LOVE the excitement, the buzz, the music.  LOVE our national anthem.

Hung close to the 3:40 pace group.  Last weekend I went out fast for 15 miles before dropping back.  This Sunday: same tactic, same result.  But dang I was strong up the hills – unfortunately, no gas left in the tank for the flat finish.

Another ugly form finish but timed within 4 minutes of last weekend’s race.  Sweet!

Mentally I’m getting stronger.  Heading home with a Plan to improve nutrition, increase core & sub-4 in 2015 (Duluth won’t be a one-time wonder).  Consistency is the key.

Lucky #13 marathon FINISHER!  Woo-hoo!

Indy in 2 weeks, then another 3 races in 2014 (Vegas, Tulsa & Rehoboth Beach, Delaware).  I’ll end 2014 at 17 states – that’s roughly a third complete.  Heavy race schedule planned Jan-June 2015 (minimum 2 marathons a month), then taking off the summer.  It’s 14er season in Colorado plus ya’ll know I’m not a fan of running in hot weather.

Missing Ro – will be good to be home.  I miss Colorado 🙂


bib       place    name                  location                     time

1975    781      K R Haga        Louisville, CO     4:21:28



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