Dropped off social for 10 days – sorry folks, life got in the way.

My partner in crime, Ro was poisoned 2 Saturdays ago.  Wasn’t sure if this was a subject I’d blog about – sometimes bad things just happen…and to everybody.

pre-Colorado life – couldn’t imagine caring for a pet.  Huge COMMITMENT.  Couldn’t understand why folks would willingly spend so much time & cash on their pets.  Why they cared so much.  Just animals, right?

Let’s just say ‘I totally get it now’.

Instead of spewing hate, taking the high road here & focusing on my own growth…as my pet’s companion.

Your dog is seriously ill.  We’re not sure how you would like us to proceed.

I slept on the couch with Ro every night for 8 months (to ensure he was 100% potty-trained – first dog, yeah I was a nut).  Same dog accompanied me on my hike quest 3 years ago – 52 different hikes in 52 weeks.  Same dog crazily/affectionately/enthusiastically greets me every time I come home – tail a wagging…hugs, kisses, ready to play? nothing patient about my Ro, always ready for tug o’ war.

Your dog is seriously ill.  We’re not sure how you would like us to proceed.

You need to do everything humanly possible to restore my companion’s health.

Travelled back n forth between 2 hospitals & the vet office.  Whole lotta money spent.  

The worse part?  Going home…alone.

When filing the police report, Ro was referred to as property.  how archaic is that?  I get they’re not humans – but property?  He’s not patio furniture.  You’d think in 20-14, we humans could come up with a better legal term for our fur babies.

My workplace was awesome & let me house Ro after being released Tuesday morning.  IV gone, but needed to be closely watched – that he could maintain outside of the hospital without 24/7 supervision.

Cancelled plans for Aspen this past weekend.

2 mile walk around Waneka Friday night, 5 mile hike on Saturday.  Slept hard each day but little guy is gaining strength fast.  Back on regular food, will finish meds tonite – one remaining script for 30 days.  Stomach ulcer complication healing.


To the coward who laced beef with rat poison inside a public dog park – I believe in karma.

You will lose everything & everyone you love.  You will go hungry.  You will wander homeless.  You harmed an innocent creature – only God above can save your empty soul.


Joannie   So sorry to hear about Ro! You are much more tolerant than I….I would hunt him down for sure!   That is just insane and cruel to say the least. Glad he is on the mend…

Leslie  Glad to hear Ro is doing better.  I had tears in my eyes reading your blog.

Bill   No words other than wishing healing

Kanako  I believe in Karma. Karma is a bitch!!!  I’m glad your partner in crime is getting better!  Can’t imagine life without our 4-legged baby especially now Senna and Saf are the best buddies!!!

Amy  I’m so relieved that Ro is getting better.  I can’t imagine what you’ve been going through, Keenan.

Erin   Awwww K* so sorry to hear this! Glad Ro is feeling better. And I hope the POS who did this gets what coming to him/her!

Monica   I seriously want to injure someone right now! I’m so glad Ro is okay! I believe in karma too.

Sarge   So sorry to hear about Ro being poisoned. What type of person does that crap?  Ugh, humans are so much worse than dogs.

Carmel   OMG what “dog” does that??? absolutely shocking. soooo so pleased to hear Ro is on the mend though, and yep these fur babies are part of your family and how could you not do everything and anything no matter the cost to have them back being their normal selves again….. we have decided not to have anymore dogs for the time being…..can’t do the heartbreak when something happens. hope you are okay too keenan.

Nivedita  🙁 sending a whole lotta good wishes to Ro to get well soon!

Beth   So glad Ro is doing well again. You are a better person then me taking the high road. Can’t stand the thought of this.  How sick people can be. So glad you have joined the animal side. How my animals make me laugh!!

Krissy   So glad that Ro is on the mend!!!!  So sorry for you having to deal with a sick person doing something like this.

Regina   Oh no.  I hope Ro is going to be ok.  Love and prayers sent to you.

Keenan   Many thanks for everyone’s kind comments & well wishes.  Ro took a bee sting yesterday after attacking a swarm at lunch.  Yep, typical dog stuff – life’s back to normal.  Love this guy 🙂

Office Ro

Office Ro



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6 Responses to POISONED!

  • Gloria Sample says:

    I am Tom’s Aunt. I am so sorry that your dog was harmed and very grateful your dog survived. Reading your blog gave me a huge lump in my throat. Someone who would harm any living creature is subhuman. If they will harm a defenseless pet they would harm a person for that type of individual lacks compassion and feelings. I pray your dog has no further problems from this incident and continues to live a well life.

  • Lory Ferguson says:

    No! I am just sick for you and precious Ro. I had to stop reading and go straight to the end. There just hast to be a special punishment for the evil ones that harm the truly innocent. Give Ro an extra hug and tummy rub from Oklahoma!

  • Sarah says:

    Wow! My heart goes put to you…so happy to hear Ro is on the mend!!!! What a horrific situation to go through…not fun at all.

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