Woke a little stiff after yesterday’s marathon but excited to see sunshine – first in days.  Friday’s attempt at seeing the Tetons ended early, most of the day spent at Visitor Center(s) viewing park films & museum artifacts.

Today with 10 hours before my flight back to Denver, wanted to fit in a hike – the landscape so beautiful, reminiscent of our Colorado Rockies.  And as clouds cleared, snow was visible on the high peaks – first of the season.

Snapped some of my most memorable shots of the trip this morning.  WOW!

Decided on Inspiration Point as today’s hike destination.  Bought a boat ticket across Jenny Lake to cut 2.5 miles off the hike distance.  Jenny Lake, named after a Shoshone guide in 1872, is one of the Park’s largest bodies of water.  That said, the trip across couldn’t have lasted more than 15 minutes.

Stopped a few minutes at Hidden Falls – a half mile UP – then continued on the well defined trail to Inspiration Point.

The quick stairmaster-esque hike & elevation was similar to Boulder hiking but the landscape so more lush. It’s been a wet summer this year in the Tetons; waterfalls & rivers running high, tall Pines & multiple varieties of wildflowers peppered the forest’s green floor.  Only wish there had been more time.

Visiting America’s National Parks highly recommended.

Day after July’s marathon in Missoula I went whitewater rafting, this month I hiked Grand Teton National Park.  Finding creative recovery an active part of marathoning.  A-ok to keep re-setting the bar 🙂

“Keep your dream in front of you. Never let it go regardless of how far fetched it might seem.”



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