2:15am alarm set on my iPhone – early start to marathon day.  Struggled to wake but left Jackson on time & hit the road, destination Ashton Idaho & the Mesa Falls Marathon.  Kept the radio dialed to KJAX Country 93.5.  An hour half later I pulled into Ashton Elementary school’s parking lot, picked up my racing bib & potato sack 🙂 then scored a free bowl of oatmeal before boarding the Marathon Start bus at 5:15am.

Lotta rain in the Teton Valley, resulting in bumpy travel as we travelled over dirt & gravel roads in Targhee National Forest.  Still dark with temps in the low 40’s; I was happy snow stayed above 11,000ft – first snow of the season.  Lover of the white stuff but hadn’t planned on winter precip when I packed my bag 3 days ago in Colorado (jeez, it’s August).

Was concerned [re: training] coming into the race.  I had tapered 2 weeks before Ironman to focus on swim & bike.  Ironman fail, a week of recovery, a week of the blues, then BAM it’s Idaho marathon time.  Fingers crossed.

Smallest marathon field to date – less than 200 runners – but one of the most organized events I’ve entered.

First 9 miles all trail.  After days of rain & flash flooding, dirt trail = lotta mud.  That said, trail running felt really good.

Transitioned to highway & the sky opened – heavy cold rain until mile 17.  So saturated that my shorts drooped – whole lotta water.  Brief rain reprieve, one mile more of trail then a 3 mile hill just before mile 18.  Trail running was slow going, requiring runners to closely watch footing but gotta say, body still felt good.

Legs started to tighten & my mind panicked – “the Wall” – but instead of mentally collapsing at mile 20 or 21, I had already passed mile marker 24.  Brief water break, another mile, another water break…and I’m running mile 26.  Sweet.

Either I’ve made a serious break thru mentally or it was the rain but…either way, finished strong.

By far the highest elevation I’ve ever raced, over 6,000ft.  Raced the last 5 miles aside golden farm fields in Idaho’s potato country – something simple, yet spectacular to see.

9th consecutive marathon month — that’s stamina baby!   6 long weeks ’til Nebraska — expecting good things in September.


Bib 97  K R HAGA  Marathon » Louisville, CO  Finished 04:38:08  Overall 63rd

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  • Jennifer Olszowy says:

    Awesome job. My next marathon is November 1, Rim Rock Marathon(Grand Junction area), which is supposed to be challenging. Can’t wait to have a bit of run fun. Keep up the great job of racing along.

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