Up at dawn & on the road by 6am – must be on vacation 🙂

Drove 2 hours around the south rim of Glacier, then north to Many Glacier Trailhead.  Country 95 FM on the radio, Southern Alberta’s best country – only 18 miles from Canada.  Stopped a mile before the Visitors Center – first view of Glacier’s big peaks, horse & riders cutting across the valley.  WOW, just beautiful – well worth the 2 hour drive.

Far away in northwestern Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain peaks, lies an unmapped corner—the Crown of the Continent —George Bird Grinnell (1901)

George Grinnell worked to establish Glacier National Park in 1910.  Additionally, he was prominent in movements to preserve wildlife and conservation in the American West.  Notably, Grinnell worked to pass the National Park Protective Act in 1894 – protecting the last 200 bison remaining in Yellowstone.

In George Grinnell’s honor chose Grinnell Glacier for my day hike.

Passed 2 signs just past the Trailhead.  “Grinnell Glacier hike is not recommended because of snow.”  Second sign – Beware of Grizzlies. Not fearsome of snow, bears however…hmmm.

Lotta people on the trail early on — meadows overflowing with mountains flowers.  Additionally, crossed over numerous waterfalls created from recent snow melt (snowed 18 inches just 3 weeks ago).

Saw my first Grizzly.  Took a minute for me to register what was happening.  I’m outside & there’s a bear – a real bear, not in a zoo…but on my hike.  A ranger came out of nowhere & sternly told me to keep moving.  Wasn’t the nicest guy but good to know I wasn’t alone.  He told me this was a juvenile Grizzly foraging for summer berries.  WOW – a bear!

Ducked under the ‘Not Recommended’ sign & hiked above glacier-fed Grinnell Lake before stopping for lunch.  Soaked in scenery & lost myself staring into a large waterfall.  Solitude & solo hikes can be a-ok.  Amazing experience.

CLICK to WATCH ‘Grinnell Glacier (Montana)’

Saw my second bear on the hike return.  Seriously, my second bear.  No ranger this time.  Was I suppose to curl up & play dead? Should I run downhill?  Decided to keep moving, eyes straight ahead & not make a lot of noise.

Later came across a couple wearing jingle bell-covered hiking boots.  Have you seen a bear today?  Heck yeah I say enthusiastically – look at my pics!  Don’t think that’s the answer they were looking for 🙂

Reported 2nd bear at the ranger station, then traveled Going-to-the-Sun Road across the Park to West Glacier.  Stopped by Lake McDonald for one last chilly swim (felt good to wash the hike sweat off).

Ended the day with spaghetti at a diner.  9am heli tour tomorrow.  Super excited!



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