As prep for Ironman, Ash chided me into participating in Bike to Work Day.

Sunny day biking towards the Flatirons – beautiful ride, why we live there.  My morning ride ended with a flat rear ride — blown valve…so in actuality I celebrated National Walk your Bike to Work Day 🙁

All in all inspired me to bike to or from work every day this week — including my first Tri day.  Biked to Colorado Athletic Club in Boulder, swam 50 laps, then ran home after work 10 minutes uphill, in blowing wind, rain & later sunshine.

Adding National Bike to Work to my calendar again next year.  New tradition!

Good to see so many people outside & greening up the Planet.


Bike to Work Day: Boulder turns out on two wheels

Bike to Work Day 2014

Bike to Work Day 2014















Social Media RoundUp

Cammy    Bike to work day is so much fun

Robin   It was my first too! I biked with Rob to his work and then biked back home to work! Sorry about the flat

Kimberly    Lol you do have a job!! With all your adventures with hiking in foreign lands, I had no clue what you did now! Lol sorry you had a flat though!

Ashton   Step 2..learning how to fix a flat! We got this

Joyce   You look like you are all in one piece. love you!


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One Response to National Bike to Work Day – my first!

  • Jennifer Olszowy says:

    Glad to see an Ironman reference in this post. Hope training is going well- at this point, taper…

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