Celebrated with a 10+ mile run – seems to be my new sweet spot, 10 miles.  How ROCKSTAR is that?

Bigger news – signed up for my June replacement marathon.  Yep, just like that.  Movin’ on.


Saturday June 21st –  Grandma’s Marathon on Lake Superior – SPECTACULAR!

  • late night flight to Minneapolis, Friday
  • 2 ½ drive north to Duluth Minnesota
  • car camping/6 hours sleep (no hotel)
  • 26.2 mile FULL marathon Saturday morning
  • back to Minneapolis (quick flash bath & change of clothes somewhere during my drive)
  • Colorado return flight Saturday night
  • my first ever Sprint Triathlon, Tri on the Plains, Sunday morning in Sterling Colorado (CO-Nebraska border)
  • then of course back to work on Monday

Sorta super human if I manage all.  One step at a time, might need to access a higher power this go-around.


Happy National Running Day!

I challenge YOU to sign up for a 5K this Fall – walk/jog/run – doesn’t matter, just MOVE.

Absolutely anything is possible!

Happy Nat'l Running Day!











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