It’s Memorial Day weekend in Colorado – so time for the annual Bolder Boulder, America’s 3rd largest 10K.

Largest by Distance – If you think a marathon or half-marathon distance had the largest race field in the nation, think again. In fact, the top 3 largest road races for 2010 were two 10Ks and a 12K all with more than 50,000 timed finishers each: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race 10K (50,918), Lilac Bloomsday Run 12K (50,721) and Dick’s Sporting Goods BolderBOULDER 10K (50,477); it was the first time that more than two U.S. road races exceeded 50,000 timed finishers in the same year.

Sure I also filled my 3-day weekend like most Americans – cleaned the patio, planted flowers, & gorged myself on (black bean) burgers, spinach salad (w/ strawberries), corn on the cob, potato salad & deviled eggs.  YUM!

Additionally, I super-sized the day by tagging along with Ash, Tom & the dogs on a hike after my morning race in Boulder.

But today’s run was about honoring war veterans – and in particular I ran this day for my Granddad, who served in World War II.  My Granddad is now in his 90’s & sadly, recently his health has declined sharply.

I grew up the oldest grandchild which often left me without playmates (most of my cousins are 5 years younger).  Granddad was super smart & exposed me to calculus & physics as a pre-teen.  His love of math & engineering was infectious.

Additionally, Granddad let me use his WWII binoculars to bird watch in the backyard (which opened into woods & a creek full of wildlife).  Granddad later gave me those binoculars.  And despite the many moves young folks make early in life, happy to say I still have Granddad’s WWII binoculars.

I remember many of Granddad’s stories – he served on a Navy vessel in the boiler room.  As the oldest grandchild, I’d sit quietly with the adults (my aunts) & listen to childhood stories.  My Uncle Dennis would set up the slide projector & show slides of us as babies & my Mom and her sisters as teenagers.

Granddad always worked – both inside & out of the home he built.  He attended college late in life (with my Aunt Joyce).

Nevertheless, he & Grandmother always found time for me, a gangling kid who had to grow into his looks.  I loved watching their old agitator (pre-washing machine era).  After running clothes through the wringer, Grandmother would clothespin [them] to a line Granddad had constructed from the basement to the outside.  He could fix absolutely anything.

In my eyes, this man could do no wrong.

So today, I ran for my Granddad – the greatest man I will ever know.



Ran almost every mile under 8 minutes, my last 2 miles faster than my first 2 (negative splits – WOW!) — and ran a PR, a full minute faster than my 1st Bolder Boulder in 2001 (13 years ago) 🙂

Official Timex Time for BolderBoulder: DA255 – Mile1=0:07:40, M2=0:07:51, M3=0:08:04, M4=0:07:48, M5=0:07:39, M6=0:07:41, Finish=0:48:26


2014  DA255  K R HAGA 48:26

2013  DA218  K R HAGA   51:24

2009  H721  Keenan Haga  53:51

2007  JC370  Keenan Haga 57:34

2002  CA217  Keenan Haga 51:28

2001  CC373  K R HAGA  49:38



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