I woke today & did the calendar count – 83 days ‘til Ironman.  YIKES!


Yeah, I’m a bit freaked…less than 3 months away.

  • Struggled 2 days ago finishing my 7th marathon — wasn’t my first, so no excuse for poor execution.
  • Still swallowing water as I lap swim for hours.
  • Can’t stand out of the saddle without losing complete control – and have only biked once more than 50 miles.

I can either let panic take control or man up & do this thing.

No more bad days allowed – no time left for negativity.


New attitude needed.

  • My weight’s steadied for 3 consecutive months – no more loss.
  • I can finish a marathon.  Last year’s New Year goal was to run a marathon in Alaska.  I’ve since added 6 more states –   Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Utah & Maine.
  • I’ve learned to swim slow & steady.  I’ve trained this winter in sub zero temps & hit my Ironman distance 5 times.
  • I started biking in April (after Colorado winter).  I’ve biked up Hwy 36 to Lyons & back (52 miles).

I need to do a combination of this for only 83 more days.  Afterwards I can take a break.  When my legs are tight after marathoning, I’ll swim.  When I can’t stay self-motivated, I’ll take a spin class (bike).  When I’m travelling, I’ll hike.​

Feeling a bit banged up but overall, body’s holding up.  100% gonna do this thing.



Tuesday — swam 45 laps (½ Ironman distance)

Wednesday — ran 8 miles

Thursday — swam 40 laps, biked 18 miles (indoor)

Friday — ran 6 miles


Off to New Mexico — ROAD TRIP! — hiking with Wild Earth Llama Adventures near Taos on Saturday (yep, llamas 🙂 ), then my first Century (100 mile bike ride) on Sunday in Santa Fe.  Life is good.

ugly runner's feet - lost another nail

ugly runner’s feet – lost another nail


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3 Responses to 83 days ‘til Ironman

  • Donna says:

    OUCH! That looks like it would be painful. I’m sure you equip yourself with proper foot gear, so can you imagine what it would be like if you didn’t??? As usual, your grueling schedule tires me 1000%.

    Take care! Love, Donna

  • Sarah says:

    yikes! That toe looks sore…I agree with Donna, make sure you get good shoes…with all the running you are doing you probably need to replace them more often than the average bear!

    Your schedule is making me tired, but you can do anything you put your mind to…just don’t kill yourself!

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