Marathon day – another early start.

Up at 4:30am, quick face splash, then off to Biddeford to catch the bus to Kennebunk High School.  Maine Coast Marathon was a point-to-point run – from Kennebunk thru Kennebunkport to the University of New England in Biddeford.

Today’s race temps – 70’s & sunshine.  Who knew?  Back in Colorado folks were experiencing late Spring snow – yep, on Mother’s Day — but far away in the extreme Northeast I was scurrying to locate sunblock.  LOL>

As has been the norm with my recent marathon runs, I struggled.  Lotta hills – which I knew were coming….but jeez, there were a bunch of them.  However, special for today’s run was the salty smell of the Atlantic Ocean.  Travelling from a landlocked state, I appreciated the view at miles 7, 10 & 23.  Crashing waves against Maine’s rugged coastline — SPECTACULAR!

FINISH #7 – my first in the Northeast.  Met a guy from the 50 State Club (which I qualify to join after 3 more state completions) who asked if I finished in 6 hours.  Huh?  He felt my one a month plan will result in slower finish times.  Hmmm.

When a marathoner has completed a valid marathon in 10 different US states the eligibility status will have been met.  After submitting an application with proof of completion, it will be verified by the membership committee.  Each member shall retain some information to substantiate each event, such as: a finisher’s certificate, published event results (, result card, result book, newspaper, etc.), race bib number AND medal (both required for this option).

Think I’m just gonna chalk this up to increased cycling taking away from weekly long runs.  Finding it hard to balance run, swim & bike — in addition to work & personal life (added cycling to the mix in April).  IRONMAN.

We’ll see how fast I bounce back.  Only 3 weeks ‘til Minneapolis!  What a crazy challenge — LOVE seeing the USA!


Maine Coast Marathon

5/11/14            Haga, Kr        457      4:53:29            LOUISVILLE, CO, USA



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