Dropped Ro & Marty at Windstar Kennels – Maine marathon for K*, Jersey holiday for Ash & Tom.  Caught an after-work flight on Friday – didn’t arrive in New Hampshire ’til almost 1 a.m.  Super late arrival but crazy excited about the upcoming weekend.

Started Saturday with friends – including a pre-Memorial Day cookout in Merrimack.  Sun poked out & temps soared in the 70’s. Feasted on grilled bird, corn on the cob & potato salad.  SOOOO good!   Many months since I’ve been East Coast – far too long.  I love my Colorado home but there’s no replacing forever family.

Road tripped across the Maine border, race bib pick-up at UNE-Biddeford, then checked in at the Old Orchard Beach Inn.  Maine’s first hotel, built in 1730 AND walking distance from the ocean – literally 3 blocks from sand.  EXCELLENT choice!


When I think of Maine, I think lighthouses, lobsters & crazy Mainer accents.

a Mainer will say, “Jesus Mary and Joseph, it’s roastin’ out he’ah. Goin’ to Bah Habah for some Lobstah’ sounds like a good idear. ‘Cause down there, the wind comes at a wicked good clip 🙂

Got my tourist on after marathoning this go-around.

So after a well deserved shower, drove to Cape Elizabeth to see Portland Head Light.  Arriving on an unseasonably warm & sunny day, Fort Williams Park was packed.  Lotta pale-skinned folks flying kites & sunshine loading.

Stared out into the grey Atlantic & admired the rugged shoreline.  Simply beautiful.  A perfect day.

Perfect?  Yep, ended Sunday with Maine lobster at The Landmark in Old Orchard Beach.

Not that I compare marathon weekends, but gotta say Maine was something special.  LOVED it!



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