7am race start  – woke early & took advantage of free train transit to U of U campus.

Most scenic marathon start-to-date, locale blanketed by the towering Wasatch Mountains (Utah’s Rockies).  6,500 participants, caps off for [singing of] our nation’s Anthem – and pop, we’re off.

My legs felt tight at mile 3 — not sure if caused by running a half marathon 6 days ago or running with my Thursday night group just 2 days prior.  Just a twinge but still came as a surprise.

Checked out the elevation map in advance (lesson learned from last month’s Georgia Marathon) – running solid to mile 10.  A steady 5 mile climb to mile 15, then one last hill at mile 20.   Paced my first half 1:56 & gutted up the top of mile 15.  Pushed to mile 17 but that was it – empty, no more in the tank.

Water break.

Started running tandem with a young guy from Ogden.  Running, walking, shuffling but ultimately finishing what I started.  Along the way Timothy encouraged another runner, Natalie, completing her first marathon.  Tears streamed down her face as we neared the finish – only .2 miles away.  Super emotional day – I’m a better person for having finished with these folks.

Crashed an hour in Washington Square, showered, then up & off to Temple Square.  Gait wasn’t pretty – more of a stumble – but enjoyed showing my friend Matt Temple Square & soaking in Spring.  Flowers were colourful, wildly vibrant.

6 down, 44 to go.  Next month’s marathon – Maine (Kennebunk to Biddeford, along Maine’s rugged coast).


Salt Lake City Marathon —  Saturday April 19, 2014

469     K R Haga        Louisville, CO             4:41:23



Early flight on Sunday meant spending Easter at home – just in time to start a new tradition, outdoor dining at Casa Alegre, our first Mexicana holy holiday feast 🙂


Signed up for a 25k trail race (15.5 miles) in Larkspur Colorado the week before my next marathon.  Then no running or cycling for 6 days, only swimming.  And Nutella — it’s baaaack for 3 weeks thanks to Ashton.



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