Jeez what a difference a year makes – or in the case of Spring weather, how ‘bout a day?

Woke to snow & sleet so hit the road early – it’s race day in Fort Collins, my 2nd Horsetooth Half Marathon.  Decided soon after Atlanta to try a Half the weekend before my next 2 marathons – as a competitive long run.  My FULL race times have been worsening over the past 4 months – trying to mix it up by throwing in a 13 mile hill run 6 days before Salt Lake.

Snowy, cold & hilly – my new fave race conditions.  Whereas I’ve been struggling in the humid South (Austin & Atlanta), I scored my best time in months running at almost 6,000ft in snow & pelting ice.

Almost bit it on the wooden bridge at mile 9 – super slick.  Thanks to the anonymous runner who grabbed my right shoulder, stopped my fall.  Took almost 6 full minutes off last year’s time.  Heck, yeah!

SLC marathon next weekend.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 🙂


Place   Bib       Name              Nettime

284      4685   K R Haga        1:53:57


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