Woke early, dropped the dogs at Windstar Kennel & drove I-25 North for an ‘Oregon Trail revisited’ road trip.

First stop, the Wyoming state border where Ash & Tom recorded their first Wyoming geocache.

Quick junk food fix in Cheyenne, then back on I-25 to Oregon Trail Ruts near Guernsey.  AMAZING these wagon wheel ruts left behind from frontier pioneers still exist.  Tucked away in rural Wyoming, most folks would never know.  Lotta sunshine, beautiful rock landscape. Highly recommended!

Next stop – our initial trip destination – Fort Laramie.  This frontier fort built just an hour west of Nebraska originated to protect travelers from Native American attacks on the prairie.  After the Visitors Center, explored the fort – visiting the barracks, officers quarters, arsenal & hospital ruins.  LOVED it!

Viewed the general store, a near replica of the store used in our Oregon Trail PC game – a family fave for me & Ashton (and today’s road trip inspiration).  Problem?  Yeah, completely ran outta time.  If you love history (which I do), you’ll be back.

Still one more stop on today’s Oregon Trail itinerary – Scotts Bluff in Western Nebraska.


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