Too much ‘swim, bike, run’ makes K* a dull guy.

Woke early on Saturday to break up the routine with a hike – yep, back in the mountains.  That’s what I need.

Ash, Tom, my friend Matt & both dogs loaded up – destination: Horsetooth Rock in Fort Collins.  Been more than a year since I’ve hiked Horsetooth, so plugged the address in my iPhone.  An hour half later we parked Matt’s SUV off a dirt road within Lory State Park.  Technology – argh!  No Horsetooth this day.

Overcast & windy conditions wouldn’t stop Ro & Marty from enjoying 5 miles of off-leash freedom.  Well Gulch to Timber Trail, then SNOW!  A week before Spring, most folks are tired of all winter precip – but I can’t help smile anytime snow’s flying 🙂

Clouds lifted soon after, exposing an almost artist’s rendering of Horsetooth Reservoir.  Beautiful!

Showered & groomed again, spent the remainder of the weekend in Denver catching up with former NYC co-workers.  Miss my former NYC peeps but still LOVE LOVE my Colorado life! 🙂



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2 Responses to hike #70: Lory State Park, Ft Collins

  • Donna says:

    Hey Guys! Sounds like you are having a blast for sure. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Yesterday was the first day of Spring. We got about 2 inches of wet snow Wed. night, and then last night we got about 3 more. We are expected to get up to 6 inches tomorrow again. It is pretty and I don’t mind it at all usually, but by mid March I am ready for another seasonal change. Or at least not the -25 we have been experiencing continuously this winter. Had that just last week, which is unusual for March. But today was a heat wave in the 30’s. Actually yesterday I was down in NH where I played music, and it turned out to clear off and sunny and was 46* but 35* by the time I got home. But compared to what we have had forever, it felt very nice. We have had what I call an old fashion winter. It isn’t bad if we can get out of the teens for our day time high. Keep enjoying your Colorado life!!!

    • Our winter is almost at its end in Colorado. That said, my brother & his family were visiting this past weekend for spring skiing in Breckinridge. LOVE having family around. It’s pretty much the best 🙂 Temps are warming up on Saturday so hope to get our local hike on again, then snow shoeing on Sunday in Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park. Not a bad life, eh? I’m travelling East Coast for a short visit in May — to run a marathon in Maine, what else? HA! Hoping to catch up with Stephen & Sheila in NH before driving over in Biddeford. Maybe an early day cookout — assuming your snow melts? 🙂

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