Attempted Frozen Dead Guy Days for the first time last year – in a blizzard – only to find all events postponed to Sunday.  Awesome BBQ, beautiful blowing snow, laughs with friends but overall, kinda a bummer.

Fast forward one year.  Sunshine and 30’s.

Drove Canyon to Nederland with my new housemates & secured amazing parking in the mud off Third.

Arrived 20 minutes before the start of the infamous hearse parade.  Crazy, ridiculous bunch of characters – costumed coffin racing teams, blue monkeys, the Incredible Hulk…followed of course by a line of hearses.

New, vintage and even a flame throwing Cadillac hearse.  Nope, not your everyday parade 🙂

Quick BBQ lunch at Wild Mountain, then off to the coffin races.  Scored a great viewing spot on the hill while Ash & Tom lost themselves in the beer tent.  Watched the Pink Socks retain their title, defeating the top qualifying Frozen Justice entry.  This day Spiderman, Hulk & Batman were no match for the mighty Pink Socks.

Missed both the frozen tee-shirt contest & Polar Plunge but cheered on ice turkey bowling participants & later watched a short movie on Grandpa Bredo – ‘the Frozen Dead Guy’.

Crazy ridiculous fun.  We’ll be back next year – it’s tradition 🙂

The Pink Socks did it again! Five Frozen Dead Guy Coffin Race wins in a row. The defending champions came to Nederland on Saturday, carrying their humble but sturdy coffin and bringing a lot of good cheer and optimism. If they did it four times, they could do it again. And they did: with ease. No one even came close.


The 13th Annual Frozen Dead Guy Festival was blessed, at last, with perfect weather. The snow came on Friday, smothering the Nederland area with about eight inches of gorgeous, sparkling snow, creating a winter post card of our recently dirty snow-filled town. As up to 15,000 people filled every empty space with their vehicles, the businesses and sidewalks and streets became parking lots for pedestrian traffic jams.


Everyone loved the sunshine, the no wind, the warm air and the crazy fun events that kept them moving from venue to venue. Music from band tents on either side of town kept the atmosphere upbeat and visitors said there was nowhere on earth they would rather be for the day.


CLICK to WATCH ‘Frozen Dead Guy Days – Coffin Race Championship’

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