Last month Ashton mentioned ice fishing as a possible birthday adventure.  Sounds fun, right?

Quick google search, followed by a phone call to Big Ed’s & our reservation on Dillon Reservoir was set.

Woke crazy early on Saturday – sure it’s snowing, but we’re scheduled to be on a frozen lake by 9am.

Unfortunately, our state’s only east-west through-way, I-70, was operating at a standstill – multiple accidents.  3 hours later, highway closed just past Georgetown. ARGH!  Plan B?  Enjoyed breakfast at the Happy Cooker & rescheduled for ice fishing Sunday.

Day 2, another early start.  Arrived in plenty of time to help our guide set-up & drill holes with an electric ice auger.  4 feet of solid ice, fluffy snow & sunshine.  Beautiful lake, beautiful day.

Fishing Guide Randy started us out with jigs, then bait.  Salmon eggs.  Two nibbles but never a real bite.  Ash, our experienced fisherwoman, dropped line & soon after snagged a small rainbow trout.

An hour later, a 2nd trout (which she threw back).  And a third which jumped line after cresting the surface.

Ashton 3, everyone else ZERO.  Runner-up honors to Tom who reeled in at least 4 yard-long sticks.  AND special thanks to Matt who chauffeured us cross state – not once, but twice.

Ended the day with Randy talking up Ashton – and only Ashton – on fly fishing this summer, while the rest of us stood around hoping to be included.  LOL>

Sunshine, snow & 3 fish — what’s not to love?  Ice fishing in the Rockies, highly recommended 🙂



Later I prepared Ash’s catch while everyone was showering.  HUGE FAN of rainbow trout!   Tay-stee 🙂


CLICK to WATCH ‘Ice Fishing (Dillon Reservoir, CO)’



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