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After a few days of temps in the 60’s, how best to celebrate the end of March?  How ‘bout an 8 hour snowshoe trek in Rocky Mountain National Park?  LOL>

Purchased a Groupon a few months back, intending to snowshoe in early February.  Little did I know this package was so popular, their first opening was March 30th.

My friend M & I met up with 2 Apex Ex guides & 8 other shoers at Beaver Meadows Visitors Center in RMNP.  20 minute drive to Glacier Gorge Trailhead, shoes & poles doled out – and we were on our way.

Aside from the spectacular winter landscape, what I liked most?  Backcountry hiking.  In winter you’re no longer restricted to trails in the park as you are in summer months – because trails are covered by 8-12 feet of snow 🙂

Stopped for a photo opp at Dream Lake, nestled under towering Hallett Peak – then fondue at Lake Haiyaha.

Cheese fondue & apples after snowshoeing in the Rockies.  Bucket list ‘must do’ — seriously.  FAAAANNNNTASTIC!

FULL Colorado weekend.  10 mile pre-dawn run on Saturday, hiked 8,100ft Green Mountain in Boulder, then shoed 5 miles in the snow-blanketed Rockies on Sunday.

Lovin’ life.  Trading with no one – crazy happy with the hand I’ve been dealt.


6 days after the Georgia marathon, time to refuel mentally and get my Colorado hike on.

Decided on a local Boulder hike since I already had Sunday plans snow-shoeing 8 hours in RMNP.  I previously attempted Green Mountain in December 2012 but took a wrong turn & finished Flagstaff that day.

2014, no excuses.  Trekking with Ash & Tom means hiking’s been upgraded to GPS 🙂

Hiked UP a mile before being sign-restricted from continuing Green Mountain — $1,000 fine?  Well that’s no good.  Most of our local trail system was destroyed in September’s historic Boulder Canyon flood.  I had not first-hand witnessed the damage & naively assumed everything was now back to normal.  NOT!

Just beyond the trail closure, witnessed a huge gorge created by last fall’s destruction.  Bushwhacked UP thru fallen trees & rock, across snow & ice fields, until miraculously we reached Greenman Trail – which empties onto Green Mountain summit.

Next restriction?  No dogs allowed.  Guessing this is a new law since my guide book specifically states ‘dogs allowed’.  ARGH!

Beautiful day for me and my dog this day.  One older guy grumbled – but Ro & Marty were soon greeted by 3 other canine hikers. Warmed in the sun and enjoyed a black bean burger before return hiking down.

As luck would have it, Gregory Canyon trail was also destroyed so met up with Flagstaff trail, adding an extra ½ mile to our adventure (but no crazy bushwhacking climb DOWN the canyon – whew).

Not a fan of random Republic of Boulder ordinances, but today’s summit view – FAAAANNNNNTASTIC!


Spring Break in Breck

Spring Break in Breck


So what happens at home during marathon weekends?

I receive pics like this.  Awesome, right?

Took ½ day from work Monday to spend time with family, here in Colorado enjoying Spring Break.

With flurries in the air, opted for an afternoon at the Denver Aquarium.  Hadn’t been to an aquarium in probably 10 years, then BAM — 2 over the past 3 days.  Gotta say the Georgia Aquarium trumps Denver’s fish tank hands down.  Fave non-fish sightings?  Penguins in Atlanta, a tiger in Denver.  (Yep, tiger at an aquarium.)

Next, took the crew bowling at Fat Cats in Westminster.  Whatta lotta fun!  Maybe next time I’ll even break 100.  LOL>  Congrats Tom & James! (today’s winners)

Catch Phrase, dinner – BLINK, and it was 10pm.  Ho, hum.

LOVE having family around.  It’s pretty much the best 🙂


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