3 years in Colorado and zing – Denver’s first Super Bowl appearance since 1999.  The Broncos have been killing it all season. Quarterback Peyton Manning set all-time passing records and won most every major athletic award this year – including MVP & SI’s Sportsman of the Year.  This is our year!

Ash & Tom now live in Colorado but are huge Giants fans.  This year’s Super Bowl was played in New Jersey – for the 1st time ever (in Giants stadium).  Coincidence?  I think not.  Serendipity – this year’s Super Bowl is ours!

Why do we care?  The Super Bowl is much more than a football game.  There’s crazy big budget commercials, the halftime show – and of course, Super Bowl FOOD.

You call for Super Bowl food and I deliver.

Wings, jalapeno poppers, BBQ chicken pizza & black bean salsa (with chips).  Agreed, Ashton delivered.  FAAAANNNNNTASTIC!


Unfortunately after all that buildup, the three of us were the only ones to show up to the Big Show.

Broncos flubbed the opening snap, ball bounced off Manning’s helmet & the Seahawks scored a safety.  Three hours later, just never got any better – 43-8, sad sad situation.

Don’t ever wanna relive that game, but already looking forward to leftovers.  Thanks Ash 🙂

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