Happy February!

Maybe it’s the daily snow showers, maybe it’s my consistent/constant Ironman training – either way, gotta get O-U-T.  Climb, hike, snowshoe, cross country ski, snow camp – itching to get outdoors.

I have an Adventurer’s heart.

Recently purchased “The Endurance” – a documentary detailing Ernest Shackleton’s 18-month journey to & escape from Antarctica.  27 men signed up for this epic adventure via a newspaper ‘Men Wanted’ ad.

Where are these advertisements today?  Who doesn’t want to challenge their mind, their heart, their body, their spirit – to the brink of saying ‘No Mas’.  I can’t do this anymore.

I have an Adventurer’s heart.

Forward your favourite clips my way – email: keenan@mycoloradolife.net, Facebook, Google +, Twitter.

Hoping to bring an Adventurer’s heart to Texas & bang out my 4th FULL marathon — only two weeks away 🙂



Facebook post from Ft Collins hiker, Cammy – summiting an 18,400ft volcano in Mexico.  SPECTACULAR!

18,400ft hike

18,400ft hike











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