60 days ago I challenged myself to get marathon ready again.

Despite our abnormal sub-zero temps in Boulder, stayed focused & on-track all week.


December 2

5am Monday morning swim class is kinda hard to stomach after the holidays — up to 1.7 miles (longest swim to date). Positive news — even after Thanksgiving dinner, told to up my daily calorie count to 2400.  4 more training days (2 swim, 2 run days), then off to Tucson.

December 3

12 mile training run today. Probably my last day outdoors before Tucson.  Arctic blast settles in later this afternoon.  Single digit highs, lows below zero thru Saturday. YIKES!  That said – sunny & 45 this morning; it was a mighty good run.

December 4

7 degrees & snowing — surprised to have the pool all to my myself until 630 this morning.  Slackers!

December 5

Woke this morning to -8 degrees, wind chill of -31F.  BRRRRRR!  Shipped Ro off to Camp Bow Wow for an all-day indoor play date. 6 miles on the treadmill at a quick 8.0 pace — last run before Marathon weekend.

Good news?  Our Colorado sunshine is back!  Bright & sunny – life is FAAANNNNTASTIC 🙂


December 8 – RACE DAY

Woke early, checked out of my hotel & drove to the local high school for bus pickup (hauling runners to the Start from 440am-520am – yep, mighty early).  Super cold morning to be wearing shorts.  Luckily our line of buses were blocked in by a large tour bus near the drop-off stage.  Lucky?  Yea, we got to stay on the bus & keep warm.

20 minutes before race time — lined up in the dark with 3,000 other runners & shivered in Tucson’s first snow in years.  Just flurries but jeez, snow? & only an hour from Mexico?

Ran strong for 19 miles – great pace, felt really good.

Mile 21 – HIT THE WALL.  A mile further than Alaska but same feeling of concrete blocks tied to my quads & calves.  Frustrating but no shooting pain.  Gutted out those last 5.2 miles.  Walk, jogged, ran – whatever it took.

Half mile left & stopped again.  An older runner comes up from behind & says ‘Come on, you’re almost there.’  Runner angel?  Maybe. Started jogging, then running ‘til I crossed the finish at just over 4 hours.

Shaking from hypothermia, off to the medic tent after the orange lady repeatedly insisted I go.  Embarrassing, sure but 15-20 minutes under blankets felt mighty good.  Who knew it’d be windy, overcast & 30 in Tucson?

Each marathon is a learning experience – 2 down, 48 states to go.  Next month – Louisiana.


Place   Bib   Athlete Name    City             State    Finish Time

422      321   K R Haga            Louisville    CO        4:05:39


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