As this is now my 3rd Christmas in Colorado, decided it time to put more effort into holiday decorating.

Focused on sprucing up the evergreen on my front deck.  Strings of blue lights, red & green ball ornaments, embellished with a few Christmas Stars helped portray a good first year attempt.  Tree’s still a bit scraggly – although it’s shot up mighty fast.

ALSO, added my first LED Polar Bear.  Hope to accumulate add’l bears in years to come & create a Christmas polar bear habitat.

On Dancer & Dasher, Comet & Vixen – hurry fast, scurry quick or my bears will celebrate with Christmas venison 🙂

Happy Black Friday weekend – only 25 days ‘til Christmas!


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2 Responses to Happy Black Friday weekend!

  • Donna says:

    Hi Keenan,

    Happy Holidays. Love your polar bear! The only thing I have for decorations as of yet is a lit up cross I made…four feet high. WOW! This is your third Christmas there??!?? Time does fly huh? We have 3 inches of white fluff but are suppose to be getting 6 to 10 inches tomorrow night and into Sunday. IF we get it.

    I lost my sister Beverly on December 4th. As I wrote this I realized I haven’t told Stephen or Sheila. I’m not sure they’d remember her. They would Shirley from Conway. I keep saying it doesn’t feel real.

    You have a fun and snowy holiday season.


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