“The mountains are calling and I most go” – John Muir

Ironman training, right on track.  Bad news – really missing the mountains.  Gotta find a healthy way to juggle both.

Drove to Loveland Pass – destination Mt Sniktau.  Not just hiking, hiking in heavy snow.  Big smiles.

And although we haven’t received much snow yet in Boulder County (couple inches in October, 4 or 5 inches last week), the mountains have been getting socked with winter precip.  All ski resorts now open – life is good in Colorado 🙂

Sniktau is considered the easiest of our 13ers.

An initial false summit, 2 lesser summits, then BAM – there’s the peak.  Hike no more than 4 miles roundtrip.

Ro couldn’t have been more excited.  He’s BAAAAACK!  Completely covered in snow, ice formed on Ro’s beard & coat – creating doggie dreads.  Temps stayed just above zero so found myself jacket shedding early on – well layered this day.

Top of the first false summit – BEAUTIFUL!   Quiet, stunning, everything WHITE.  A-Basin, Keystone, Breckinridge & Loveland all visible.  Grizzly Peak & Torreys too.  Better than a class reunion – I missed you guys!

Ro & I pushed passed both lesser summits & caught a glimpse of Sniktau – probably another 45 minutes ahead.  Snow flying, visibility diminished, blowing wind.  Layered back up – yep, even a jacket.

Quick shot of the peak, good enough – today was about the journey, not the destination.

Ended the day with chili & nachos in Idaho Springs.  Mighty good to be back in the mountains.

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