Super fun having visitors in town.  Trying to get better at not overexerting East Coasters in our high altitude air.

Two days in however, I go stir crazy – gotta get outside & soak up some Vitamin D.

Wanted to hike relatively local this weekend so headed south on Highway 93 to Golden (most trails in Boulder County remain damaged & closed from last month’s flood).  Ro took his usual spot & stared down the highway, happy to be in the car 🙂

I’ve often passed North Table Mountain while driving home from weekend treks off I-70, using Highways 6 & 93 to avoid Denver traffic (slows to a crawl every weekend – in winter, folks return from skiing; in summer, return from hiking & camping).  Took a quick left into the parking lot.  Ro and my friend, Stephen poured out – ready for adventure.

Mildest weekend of October – our first without snow.  Today’s trail was jam packed with mountain bikes, runners, hikers – and horses.  Beautiful sunny day with highs in the low 60’s – hard to believe it’s gonna snow again on Tuesday.

Basalt cliff pillars, amazing late season colour – SPECTACULAR.  Hike duration: 6 miles roundtrip.  PERFECT hike for a sunshiny day in the Fall.  Not a lotta trees though – do not recommend [this hike] in summer months.

Back home, little guy was fast out for the count.  Happy day 🙂


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