Working in a small work setting during the season change, means lotta passing of airborne illnesses.  Last year I was successful in fending off the germ pool with daily doses of Airborne & Emergen-C.

This year – complete fail.  Forgot to start the daily regimen.  ARGH!  I hate being sick.  It’s so much harder for guys (ok maybe that’s just my version of reality).

Weekend camping – didn’t happen 🙁  (In addition to being sick, been catching flack for less than stellar church attendance this summer/early fall.)  So…kicked around & did nothing?  Wrong.


My friend M offered to drive – today’s destination: Red Feather Lakes, CO.  And although I didn’t feel hike worthy, lucky enough to see both highlights on my eclectic Red Feather wish list.

About an hour west of Fort Collins, barreled down a series of county roads to the Shambhala Mountain Center.  Buddhist temple built deep in the Rockies – seriously?  Got to see it.

friendly warning — Don’t expect this to be a popular viewpoint, but I believe my God loves all his people & works through a series of faiths/religions to develop & activate our spirituality.  HUGE fan of prayer & meditation.

Temps dropped & snow started to fly.  Coincidence, maybe.  But nothing lifts & supplicates my spirit like walking/breathing/hiking in the Colorado Rockies.  Add snowfall to the recipe.  WOW, I’m a blessed individual 🙂

Followed a trail of Tibetan banners to the Great Stupa – maybe half-mile away.  Because of the weather, almost had the whole place to ourselves this day.  No I’m not a follower of Happy Buddha, so why go?  I challenge you to put your mind in the right place – push out judgment & preconceived ideas – get quiet, close your eyes, breathe, pray/meditate.

Watched a small herd of horses walled in by mountain canyons.  Amazing, unexpected experience.


2nd highlight – how ‘bout a complete 180?  HA!

Walked Elf Lane – a random dirt road off Hiawatha littered with gnomes, dwarves, angels & action figures.  (Thanks Leslie for the heads-up and your office desk tchotchke donation.  Much appreciated!)

Big flakes now falling – super fun-day adventure.  Gnomes hiding under trees, on rocks, hanging from branches, hangin’ solo, coupled, ganged-up together.  Holiday gnomes, summer lawn gnomes – who knew there was so much variety?

Fever & a sore throat – ouch.  New snow, mountain temples & lawn gnomes – chicken soup for the soul.




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