After two weekends of snow camping (LOVED it!), mixed things up & stayed local.

Unfortunately, most trails along the Front Range are still closed because of last month’s flood.  Temporary roads to Estes Park (Rocky Mtn National Park) & isolated communities are in place but hear the 45 minute drive north is now a 2+ hour trek.

Wait a sec – I’m in Colorado…there’s a ton of ways to fill a weekend 🙂

In celebration of Ro’s 2nd birthday, started off with a tour of area dog parks.  Fave park of the day – the Great Bark Park in Lafayette.  Ro raced back ‘n forth for hours.  Did my heart good to see Ro so happy.

Bath, quick walk around the ‘hood, 2 dog circles on the rug & bam – out for the count.  Yeah, grown-up time!

Purchased tickets to Roller Derby.  Seriously.

Haven’t ever been, so why not?  And the promo pic showed black eyes, bruises & blood.  Heck, yeah!  Have had a secret interest since watching “Whip It” years back.  $10 admission for 2 bouts – one being the league Championship.  Can’t beat that price!

New sport, gotta figure out scoring & the rules.  This sport favors big girls – better blocks, bigger hits.  Scrawny girls have speed but one well-placed bootie bump results in lotta skinny legs sprawled upwards & out-of-bounds.

Star on the helmet – denotes you’re the lead jammer.  [‘star’ has been my symbol of choice for years :)]

Scoring is quick.  [I advocate revising scoring during the power jam.]  Benching the lead jammer allows the opposing team to post quick scores of 5 during the 2 minute sit-down penalty (similar to hockey).

What I did like most?  The lead jammer puts her hands on her hip to end the jam.  After all the bumping & bruising, seemed super girlie to end play with a simple hands on the hips.  LOVED it!

Orange Crushers took this year’s title in a late comeback.  SUPER fun nite!


(New to Roller Derby & already a fan?  Yep.  Girls with curves ROCK!)

Roller Derby 1






Orange Crushers hoist trophy

Orange Crushers hoist trophy

Roller Derby 2

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