First day of SNOW!  (and so early this year too 🙂  BONUS!)

Sure I’ve cheated & already seen snow in the mountains but first SNOW on my front porch — now that’s something special.  Like being 9 years old again.  Seriously dude, who doesn’t love first SNOW?  Woo-hoo!

Summer’s finally over!  Break out the poles & gloves!


early reactions on Facebook (LOVE LOVE my friends & family)

Marla Huffman Lively It’s 81 degrees here in Maryland! It’s supposed to get up to 90 degrees today. Enjoy! You look great! October 4 at 10:44am

Regina Johnson Yeah it is like 85 degrees in VA. Made the stink bugs come out more. October 4 at 11:09am

Mary Jane Allen To be 87 here in North Louisiana. You’re squinting…must be all the white stuff is blinding you. lol Looking good.  October 4 at 11:26am

Chuck Lively Really great pic of you!!  October 4 at 11:36am

Tammy Greco This is our weekend marathon weather. For once no complaints for cooler weather. Paul is trying to PR.  October 4 at 12:10pm

Cammy Carter Lucky! No snow FC yet, just rain.  October 4 at 12:49pm

Keenan Haga  Best of luck to you & Paul this weekend. Off to South Dakota – climbing Harney Peak, their state’s highest. No Mt Rushmore though – closed because of our inept federal government. Reason 101 – why we should all be Libertarians 🙂  October 4 at 12:53pm

Keenan Haga Sorry for your lack of snow Cammy. Not fair, agreed. Just a teaser here too – gonna be back in the 50’s & 60’s this weekend. Supposed to be an above average year for snow – per the Farmer’s Almanac   October 4 at 1:18pm

Keenan Haga Aunt Mary – squinting by way of snow blindness…can’t be an age thing, not possible  HA! (taking iPhone selfies maxes my concentration skillz)  October 4 at 1:23pm

Kanako-Brad Norris It’s almost gone by my house… The dog loved it!  She tried to eat snow as it was falling from the sky October 4 at 2:07pm

Keenan Haga Same here Kanako – my Ro LOVES the snow. Enjoy the warm sunny weekend…just a sweet Friday morning snow to lift our spirits. Summer’s finally over! Break out the poles & gloves!  October 4 at 2:10pm


first fall snow - October 4th

first fall snow – October 4th

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3 Responses to first snowfall of the season – AWESOME morning!

  • Sarah says:

    Glad to see you have your first snow of the season reach your front porch. Must admit I’m glad that I’m in the south…enjoying the fall weather here!

    • I’m sure your Mum appreciates your help. Hope the recoup is going well. That said, don’t stay in the south too long — winter season is just beginning! LOVE it!

      • Sarah says:

        Mum is doing great! I’m in the south until Nov 16th…just in time to say goodbye to seeing the sun in the sky until February! Don’t worry I’ll still have a good 6-7months of winter left when I get there… I won’t be missing it all!

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