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Although I thought I was in love in January, that love has faded over time.

I still love your bright yellow hue, Saucony.  Call me frickle – a guy’s mid-season crisis but I’m moving on.  It’s not you, it’s me.  Sure my new love is bigger, wider, looks a bit orthopedic – but I like to think I’m open-minded.

Let’s not fight.  I remember the love we shared.  I remember Alaska.


Let me introduce Hoka OneOne.

We’ve already run 50+ miles together.  Plan to see more of me & my new shoes as I full-on train for Ironman Boulder 2014.

Next stop, Fort Smith Arkansas.  River Valley Run, Saturday November 9th.  My first half since June.

Wish us luck.  Only 45 days to Tucson.

Hoka OneOne Bondi 2 Speed

Hoka OneOne Bondi 2 Speed




Super fun having visitors in town.  Trying to get better at not overexerting East Coasters in our high altitude air.

Two days in however, I go stir crazy – gotta get outside & soak up some Vitamin D.

Wanted to hike relatively local this weekend so headed south on Highway 93 to Golden (most trails in Boulder County remain damaged & closed from last month’s flood).  Ro took his usual spot & stared down the highway, happy to be in the car 🙂

I’ve often passed North Table Mountain while driving home from weekend treks off I-70, using Highways 6 & 93 to avoid Denver traffic (slows to a crawl every weekend – in winter, folks return from skiing; in summer, return from hiking & camping).  Took a quick left into the parking lot.  Ro and my friend, Stephen poured out – ready for adventure.

Mildest weekend of October – our first without snow.  Today’s trail was jam packed with mountain bikes, runners, hikers – and horses.  Beautiful sunny day with highs in the low 60’s – hard to believe it’s gonna snow again on Tuesday.

Basalt cliff pillars, amazing late season colour – SPECTACULAR.  Hike duration: 6 miles roundtrip.  PERFECT hike for a sunshiny day in the Fall.  Not a lotta trees though – do not recommend [this hike] in summer months.

Back home, little guy was fast out for the count.  Happy day 🙂


Working in a university town allows the extras in life, without the hustle & bustle of a city.

Ok, ok — Boulder is not NYC but still mighty nice to visit a planetarium — on a random Thursday night 🙂

CU’s Fiske Planetarium recently re-opened after a 10-month renovation project – so has been the talk around the office.  HD movies, laser shows – and live presentations too.  Purchased tickets to a live show titled ‘Colorado Skies’.

 “The naked eye can see about 6,000 stars.  Our new projector is so powerful that you can use binoculars inside the planetarium to see millions of stars and the beautiful Milky Way.”

I still maintain my starriest night ever was in Steamboat a few weeks back – 3 hour drive, 2 miles up a dirt road, snow camped after.  This night at Fiske Planetarium – 10 minutes away, blue comfy chair in a temperature-controlled building.

There’s room for both in my universe.  Highly recommended!



Little Dipper & North Star (illuminated)

Little Dipper & North Star (illuminated)










CU's Fiske Planetarium

CU’s Fiske Planetarium

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