SNOW – precip started early & lasted all day as we continued the loop from Iceland’s East Fjords to the North, crossing mountain passes through the Highlands (Iceland’s isolated desert region).

SNOW – while it meant certain tour highlights were altered or delayed, couldn’t have been more pleased with my day.  Upon arriving at the Nature Baths in Mývatn, I brokered a request to leave some of us behind while the tour persisted into town for lunch & local shopping.  Food can happen anytime but a dip in a sulphuric hot springs in the middle of a snowstormin Iceland? Arrived at 11am and didn’t leave ‘til 2pm – left fully pruned 🙂

SNOW – crazy cold; below freezing temps, blowing snow, pelting ice.  Changing room to the outdoor mineral pool – whew, gotta say: had to man-up for that trek.  C-O-L-D.   And because the pool is geothermally heated, found myself chasing pool hot spots — yelping each instance my hot spot unexpectedly shot scalding.  Stood Viking-strong in sideways snow & beading ice, letting my face & body pelt with winter precip.  Arms open wide – couldn’t have felt more alive.  FAAANNNTASTIC day!

SNOW – finished the day with a snow-sleet-rain hike viewing the ‘Dark Castles’ of Dimmuborgir, a labyrinth of lava formations created by volcanic eruptions dating 1724-1729.  Crazy, surreal — two days earlier, I marveled in Iceland’s multi-green hues.  This day, I hiked in oranges & reds, in new snow resting on black volcanic rock.  WOW, WOW, WOW!

SNOW – two weeks ‘til Autumn, yet found ourselves stranded the following morning while our bus seasonally tire-switched & waited for mountain roads to be plowed.  Winter begins in mid-October on average – how lucky am I?  LOVIN’ this day!




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