With my days & nights mixed up after back-n-forth travel to California, needed to get out (with minimal driving) & ward off the bad juju – start over, get centered, re-discover my happy place.

If I could go back & career re-do, I’d study glaciology or Plan B – study geology.  While not in the right mindset to do a glacier hike today, visiting a geology museum might just do the trick.

Denver’s Museum of Nature & Science is your typical kid-friendly museum with exhibits ranging from Egyptian mummies & North American Indians to space exploration, wildlife & the human body.  But for me, I came to see rocks 🙂

Colorado was founded on mining, and in the historical mining section you’ll see local finds, like Tom’s Baby, an eight-pound nugget of crystallized gold unearthed in Breckenridge in 1887.

While the Nature & Science Museum only came up 2nd on my Google search, it also houses a 3D IMAX flic on Great White Sharks. No brainer – I’ve been scared/intrigued by sharks since watching Jaws as a kid.

AND today’s gem exhibit placed a heavy emphasis on native Colorado gems & minerals.  Very cool.  LOVED it.

Favourite rock of the day – Rhodochrosite, state mineral of Colorado – and in particular, the Alma King.

Rhodochrosites from the Sweet Home Mine are gem-quality crystals because of their translucent cherry-red color, which is due to the relatively low amount of iron, magnesium and calcium impurities. Many experts acclaim the “Alma King” as the finest and most valuable mineral specimen ever mined in North America. Rhodochrosite became the Colorado State Mineral in 2002.

Ended my day at Jett Asian Kitchen & Sushi on Colfax.

On my way back folks, bad juju almost gone – hiking a glacier tomorrow 🙂




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